Old Tech = Unhappy Employees

Are you losing employees because your technology is old and outdated?  Wherever you are in the world, whatever your industry, technology laggards are more likely to have frustrated staff that feels hamstrung by their tools.  Do you think they are as productive as they can be?  I recently wrote this entry for a partner’s website.  It is based on this research that my current employer, Unisys, released in 2018.

 Case management platform, workflow, and process automation tools can help your organization turn that around quickly. Similarly, development and operations approaches including Agile and DevOps can help you develop and sustain custom built solutions more effectively with improved security and a higher quality of code (fewer code problems with deployed code results in less rework and less impact on the user base).  Combining the two can further expedite your modernization efforts, and often reduce the costs of change.

When undertaking technology improvements, consider modernizing your business technology to extend your application reach to smartphones and other mobile devices.  This can help ensure security and governance where it otherwise might not exist – a potential risk for your organization and its data.  Finally, automating your business processes, or modernizing those that already are, can also improve data quality through reduced manual data entry and new data management tools.