You may know me from my writing and speaking on a variety of topics where I have expertise and from my high visibility positions as the face of the company for two different well known supply chain automation / B2B players during the 2000s.  My life experience stretches before that to dotcom, manufacturing, distribution,  private data networking and, yes, even managing an Italian/American restaurant.

Going back all the way to the restaurant business, I have learned that how you treat people is the key to if and how you and your organization succeeds.  I’ve found that technology and process change are not complete until a cultural change is also effected.  And that latter change is usually the hardest part of transformational projects.  Cultural change shouldn’t always focused on internal staff, however. Vendors and, especially, customers also have to be considered as any change you make will most likely have an impact on them.  Embrace change holistically and you can drive tremendous growth in your company.  Fail in this task and your business may fail completely.  If there is one constant truth about organization change it is this cultural aspect is so hard to do properly yet so important to get right.

I am a people focused, transformational solutions executive with roots in organizational change, data quality,  B2B eCommerce, supply chain automation, and product information management with some factory floor automation, product lifecycle track-and-trace, a few years of enterprise architecture, and a stint as a green thought leader thrown in for good measure.

I have led technology strategies for a boutique B2B and supply chain data quality consultancy/managed services provider, headed global industry marketing for retail, CPG and high tech for the largest pure-play SaaS B2B/supply chain automation company, successfully managed a large B2B for an early dotcom leader, and led successful internal and customer consulting engagements tackling various business challenges in the retail, consumer products, high tech, IT and government sectors.  I’m currently making my home managing two DHS/DoD task orders focusing on enterprise architecture.

I like a good strategy game, fishing, singing, song writing and guitar playing, and my dogs and cats.

Oh, of course, I’m a great fan of donkeys, especially Juan Valdez and Stardust!




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